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About us

Posted by ajay kumar on

AJZOP.COM is a eCommerce website . with the product range of  .(Leather goods,Accessories ,Electronics,Clothing,Premium Watches for men &women & Premium Health drinks,Energy drinks.) we serve here with integrity.

AJZOP.COM try the best it can to satisfy & deliver the best  to its customers .it works round the clock  globally & not only that it has good employs as well as global shipping services & employees are stead fast and well educated with experience to resolve customer issues in first priority.& give proper guidance for all the inquiry come to them.apart from this.

AJZOP.COM generated revenue through the eCommerce website & its forty percent of revenue goes to charity in America & India.  in America it donates to the MEALS ON WHEELS AMERICA. & in India it donates to a musician band called LIFE BAND(Living In Faith Everyday) which band goes to the remote & rural ares of India to share GOOD NEWS( Gospel) through music .